S’more to Learn

S'more to Learn - The Writing Journey of Beth Merlin, author of One S'more Summer (The Campfire Series, Book One) | inkmonster.net

There’s no better feeling than typing the words “The End” on the last page of your first completed manuscript! But, after the elation wears off other feelings begin to crop up. I remember feeling accomplished but also overwhelmed and a little sad. Most of all I was confused. Like so many writers I had dozens […]

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Something S’more About Beth Merlin!

More about Ink Monster author Beth Merlin and her inspiration for The Campfire Series.

And yes, all my blog posts are going to include the word S’more while I am writing this series ­čÖé I’ll be the first to admit… I chose the road more traveled. Even though I wanted to pursue an MFA, I went the perceived safer route and got my JD. I took the NY Bar […]

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May’s Ink Monster Mayhem!

May Ink Monster Giveaway 2017

Oh┬áhey there, Ink Monster peeps! Happy May! Hopefully, you’re spending┬ámore of your days outside enjoying the sunshine with a good book in hand. Hmm…. hammock, iced tea, and a good book. #goals Anyway, here we go with this month’s latest deals, giveaway info, and news – all in one place! Be sure to tell your […]

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