A moving Friday… ;)

It’s MOVING DAY!!! WHAT?! SO FREAKING EXCITED! 1. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been living in the UK (Richmond—just outside of London—to be precise) for the past 11 months and 1 day! My husband, J, and I have been here for his work. It’s nice being a writer because I can go […]

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Holy moly! I’m blogging?

Am I actually blogging on a Friday? Why yes… Yes, I am. 1. Catching up! So since May 1st, I’ve had solid guests. SOLID GUESTS. I had a blast and was so happy to see each and every one of them, but whoa. This introvert is pooped. It’s not helping that I’ve got to finish, […]

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Best of Bollywood

As a monster with a global aesthetic, I certainly appreciate me a great Bollywood musical number. Don’t have the time to surf through all of Bollywood to find the best? Feast your eyes below friend, because I pulled it all together for you! 1. Nyan Cat Dance Simply put, this video is the Citizen Kane […]

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