The Latest from Lolaland

I’ve been neglecting my blog (again). This time, my excuse is travel and sickness and general busy-ness, but I’m back now, and I’m ready to get you caught up with all things happening in Lolaland. 1. I spent last week in Taipei. After two years in Taiwan, the city feels like home, so I didn’t […]

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A quiet Friday…

After days–well, six weeks to be exact–of chaos in the house (construction workers, painters, wall paper people, electricians), I’m finally having a relatively quiet Friday, minus the nursery furniture delivery and the pest control guy who came to advise me about the carpet beetles we’ve found around the house… O.o But mostly, it’s been quiet, […]

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Rainy Friday in LA.

It’s a rare rainy day today in Lalaland! I do like an occasional rainy day. It makes me want to be cozy and read books all day. Not the worst, right? ūüėČ     1. The only problem with rainy days is what to read, and with two of my fave authors releasing new books […]

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Hey there, March!

OMG. Can y’all believe that it is March already?! Is it just me or is this year already flying by! Okay. So I’m jumping right in!   1. Who’s going to see¬†Zootopia this weekend?¬†I saw a little bit of it when J and I went to Disneyland with his cousins. It was super fun! And […]

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Whoa, Friday!

Jumping right in…   1. Holy moly, this week.¬†Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything just spins out of control? Where¬†everything is going wrong and you just want to hit the pause button. Yeah, this has been me all week: I swear, every time I’ve checked my email this week or answered […]

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QUANTA RESET!!! Cover + Giveaway : )

Keep Calm and Read Shadow Ravens

IT IS TIME and I’m so excited to finally share the cover for Quanta Reset! TADAAAA! Look at these pretty little ducklings, all in a row <3<3<3 Do you love it as much as I do?! Thanks to all the fab blogs that participated in the reveal!   Preorders are now live at¬†Amazon.¬†Barnes & Noble,¬†Kobo¬†and¬†iBooks.

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Happy Valentine’s Weekend! <3

Hey there! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend planned. J and I aren’t too big on Valentine’s Day, but we’re doing a little something this time… More on that below. But for now, here are five things on my mind this week: 1. Thank you for all the kind messages and comments to last […]

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Ink Monster is hiring a Publishing Monster!

Ink Monster is growing! We‚Äôre looking for a part-time Publishing Monster to help with the business side of our company. Who we are Ink Monster publishes sci-fi, fantasy, and romance books for girls who kick ass. In an industry where a successful book may move 5,000 copies, Ink Monster has moved more than a half-million […]

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Lola’s Obsessions [January 2016]

So Obsessed Right Now |

It’s been a few months since I shared my¬†current obsessions.¬†You’d better buckle up because I have a fabulous crop of new things¬†that MUST BE SHARED. 1. Steve Aoki I have to lead with this one so you can listen as you read along. AHHHHHHHH! Electronic music isn’t usually my go-to, but Steve Aoki just gets […]

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Good news. Minor delay news. And some fun news!

Hey, everyone. So, I have some news… Some good, some might be a little bit of a bummer, but at the end, I’ll make it worth your while. ūüėČ   1. Check this out: That was the day before Thanksgiving. I passed the 30 week mark this week, and just settling into getting excited. After […]

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