Ink Monster is hiring a Publishing Monster!

Ink Monster is growing! We’re looking for a part-time Publishing Monster to help with the business side of our company. Who we are Ink Monster publishes sci-fi, fantasy, and romance books for girls who kick ass. In an industry where a successful book may move 5,000 copies, Ink Monster has moved more than a half-million […]

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Lola’s Obsessions [January 2016]

So Obsessed Right Now |

It’s been a few months since I shared my current obsessions. You’d better buckle up because I have a fabulous crop of new things that MUST BE SHARED. 1. Steve Aoki I have to lead with this one so you can listen as you read along. AHHHHHHHH! Electronic music isn’t usually my go-to, but Steve Aoki just gets […]

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Good news. Minor delay news. And some fun news!

Hey, everyone. So, I have some news… Some good, some might be a little bit of a bummer, but at the end, I’ll make it worth your while. 😉   1. Check this out: That was the day before Thanksgiving. I passed the 30 week mark this week, and just settling into getting excited. After […]

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Instagram for Writers

I didn’t think this was ever going to happen, but it’s happening. I am touching a marketing topic–not with a ten-foot pole, but with my grubby little fingers. INSTAGRAM! There’s a ton of info out there on how to market on Instagram, but most of it isn’t for writers. How can a writer use Instagram??? […]

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Hooray for the weekend!

Holy moly! I’ve been running around like a crazy person this week. I’m so looking forward to the weekend, it’s not even funny. O.o So, without further ado, here are five things on my mind today. 1. Yesterday I talked with my bestie and found out that she’s coming to visit in a month. This […]

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My Quanta Reset Scrapbook

It’s Monday morning in Chiang Mai and pigeons are trying to get into my bathroom. I think I’ve scared them off for now, but you’ll know if they succeed because my screams will be heard around the globe. ANYWAY. I’m in the process of plotting and drafting some different takes on Quanta Reset. This is the […]

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Yay Friday! ;)

Heya! Things have been busy here with writing and editing and life… Oh boy! Somehow, whenever I think I’ve got everything under control, life goes nutty. I think the lesson here is to just surrender control. Right? Ha! 1. In case you’re not on my Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, Ink Monster is doing some great […]

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Checking In from Chiang Mai–Quanta Reset is Coming!!

Hi from Northern Thailand! It’s 8 a.m and I’ve discovered the secret to productivity. Do you want to know??? Surprise. It’s ROCK HARD BEDS. When I’m home in the US, I sleep on a cloud comprising several layers of down, more novelty pillows than you could count, and piles upon piles of snuggy blankets. My bed […]

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QUANTA RESET cover reveal…Tuesday 2-16!

Calling all bloggers and social media mavens! Want to be the first to share the cover for Quanta Reset, the latest in the Shadow Ravens Series? You can sign up right here! ABOUT QUANTA RESET, Book 3 of the Shadow Ravens Series Quanta has escaped her laboratory prison, but that’s where the good news ends. Life at the Shadow Ravens’ […]

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