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All The Things I’ll Do After Quanta Rewind

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

I’ve been majorly MIA the past few weeks (months?!) and Quanta Rewind is to blame. Lately, I spend all day every day at my desk, working on the draft and listening to ambient arctic noise

As you can imagine, I’m an inch away from a total breakdown.

The good news is the draft is juuuuust about finished. Bloggers will be able to download it on NetGalley at the beginning of April, and we’re still signing up for the blog tour, so hop on if you’d love to host!

I’ve survived thus far by consuming near-lethal quantities of Cherry Coke and dreaming of all the fun I’ll have when this deadline is in the bag. Thought I’d share a few of the things I CANNOT WAIT TO DO after Quanta Rewind is off my desk:

1) Shower

Hygiene is the first item to go when the deadlines hit. My hair looks like I’ve been moisturizing with Crisco, and I need to get back on the cleanliness schedule of a normal human person.

2) Play Breath of the Wild for 375603560q9479345 hours

It has come to my attention that I’m a grown adult and shouldn’t get sucked into buying a $300 console plus accessories just to have a Zelda machine… But then again OPEN WORLD ZELDA WITH COOKING AND WHO CARES ABOUT MONEY. I’m going to hunt down a Switch and spend a solid week gathering mushrooms. That’s just how I roll.

3) Catch up on dramas

I’m ridiculously behind on my drama watching. I got sidetracked with all this work (lame!) so I stalled out on Jealousy Incarnate, The Princess Weiyoung, and Hwarang, but I’m determined to catch up. PLUS, I have Goblin on my to-watch list and I can already anticipate the binge because it’s supposed to be the best.

4) Plan my next move

I’ve been in America way too long, and it’s time to skip out before all the visa regulations get crazy. Maybe back to Thailand after the burning season is over??? Or Bali?! Haven’t decided yet, but I’ll finally have time to plan.

5) Start my new series!!!

I am SO EXCITED to start a new project. The first book in my new series comes out on Halloween and I can’t wait to dig into all the early stage research and worldbuilding. It’s been killing me to have this one on the back burner. More updates (and preorder links!) coming soon, but this one is about WITCHES AND CAKES (my two favorite things in life) and I hope you love the new world as much as I do!

Catch you on the flipside of this deadline!!!

<3 Lola


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Every Pusheen Crossover You Need in Your Life

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Just have to get this out there: I’m totally obsessed with Pusheen the cat. Pusheen is fluffy, chubby, adorable, lazy, loves Nutella…basically my spirit animal. And regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or fandom, there’s a perfect Pusheen crossover for each and every one of us. To save you the trouble of combing the depths of the Internet, I’ve compiled a few of my favs for you.

Pusheen + Pokemon = Pushemon! (or Pokesheen–your pick!)

Pushemon! Gotta pet 'em all.

Pusheen + Hunger Games = Cat-niss & Cat with the Bread

Pusheen + Hunger Games

Pusheen + My Little Pony = My Little Pusheen: Friendship is Meowgic

Pusheen + My Little Pony

Pusheen + Supernatural = Sameow + Pushdean (via PuppiesLove)

Pusheen + Supernatural

Pusheen + Harry Potter = The Kitteh Who Lived

Pusheen + Harry Potter

Pusheen + Attack on Titan = Shingeki no Meowjin

Attack on Titan + Pusheen

Pusheen + Kuroko no Basuke = Purroko no Meowske (Kurroko no Basucat?)

Pusheen + Kuroko no Basuke

Everyone else!

Pusheen + Spongebob, Adventure Time, Sailor Moon, Powerpuff Girls

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