We’re Going to DragonCon!

We're going to DragonCon!

I’ve been so overwhelmed trying to get ready for DragonCon, that I never announced we were GOING to DragonCon. Surprise!

Aileen and I will be trawling the halls this weekend with 70,000 new friends and I’m pretty sure we’re both going to be melted into introverted little puddles by Monday. At least she’s used to SDCC and such…but this is my first really huge con and I’m still trying to wrap my head around how crazy it’s going to be. I’ve tried looking through the program and there are way, way, way, WAAAAAY too many amazing things to do. All I know is I want to check out the zombie survival panels and buy a ton of plushies.

We’re not doing any panels of our own (this time!) but I’ll be stocked up with bookmarks, so say hi if you see us in the crowd!

Are you going, too???

Wish us luck!

<3 Lola

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One Response to “We’re Going to DragonCon!”

  1. Sue (Dog Mom) says:

    Oh! Have fun, you two! I look forward to photos and comments when you return. : )
    Hugs, Sue

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