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Alpha Girl Series

The Alpha Girl series follows Tessa McBride as she goes from being a semi-ordinary girl with visions to an Alpha werewolf. With her True Mate, Dastien Laurent, by her side, Tessa knows she can face whatever big bads life throws at her.

Join Tessa on her adventures as she fights her way in the world filled with things that go bump in the night.

Becoming Alpha
Avoiding Alpha
Alpha Divided
Alpha Unleashed
Shattered Pack
Being Alpha

Shadow Ravens

The Shadow Ravens series explores the loves and adventures of two unlikely super-heroines: master hacker Cipher and time-traveling Quanta.

In their future world, the planet’s been overtaken by Doctor Nagi and his creations—the Seligo, an elite class of genetically engineered immortals. While the Seligo enjoy every advantage in their high-tech Citadels, the rest of humanity struggles in the Voids, an overpopulated wasteland. Many struggle to join the ranks of the perfect, but few succeed.

Is anyone strong enough to fight Doctor Nagi and his legions of Seligo? Lady Eva, with her rebel Shadow Ravens, thinks she knows just the girls for the job.

Quanta Reset
Quanta Rewind

The Key West Escape Series

Rum Runner
Bahama Mama

Off Planet Series

A new Sci-Fi romance from USA Today Bestselling author Aileen Erin, debuting June 2018!

Off Planet

Spellwork Syndicate

Deadly Sweet

The Campfire Series

One S'More Summer
S'more to Lose