Who are we?

Publishers of Books

We’re a boutique company working with a curated list of authors to publish Young Adult Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Urban Fantasy books. Our stories have heart-pounding action, romance, kick-ass heroines, and some language. Check out our Monster Manifesto to find out more about our mission to readers.

Publishers of Books

Publishers of Books

We're Readers

We love to read! All genres. We’re the book-a-day kind of readers, who can never get enough. Patricia Briggs. Anne Bishop. JR Ward. John Green. Jenny Han. We could go on and on… When the industry told us some of our favorite genres were dead, our passion for reading translated into publishing. Our goal at Ink Monster is to release books that we’re dying to read.


We're Writers

All the Ink Monster authors work together as a team. Each writer has a built-in support system to help brainstorm every step of the way–from worldbuilding to making sure that the final draft is as kick-ass as it can be. We love writing, and as long as our readers are loving a series, we’ll keep the books coming.

We're Geeks

The Ink Monster team is into so many different fandoms, it’s crazy. Marvel Studios movies. Star Trek: The Next Generation. Tokidoki. Korean Dramas. Harry Potter. Legend of Zelda. Mercy Thompson. Jane the Virgin. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Hello Kitty. LOTR. CW shows. RPGs. Nail art. Pretty much anything glittery.

We like to share and celebrate the things we love, and hope you find something to geek out about in our books, too.